Hummingbird nest cam begins hatch watch today

24 thoughts on “Hummingbird nest cam begins hatch watch today”

  1. Ah, yes! This is the new Phoebe, technically Phoebe Renata Allens. (Renata means “reborn.”) It is believed that the previous Phoebe lost a territorial dispute for the garden. Her last chicks were abandoned, were tended to by hand, and then released on March 2. Some feel the current Phoebe may be one of the previous Phoebe’s daughters. It’s quite a soap opera. This was chronicled on the FB page, BTW.

    1. The last time I tuned in was, I think, after the last Phoebe disappeared. There was no nest in sight, just a lonely rose bush. Sad. Yes, there have been so many dramas on this channel. The crow. The lizard. Mysterious disappearances. One never knows what’s next.

  2. Sheer heaven. And what’s more, I’m able to view it ! Someone will probably remove it from such a far place, at some stage … But for now ! 😀
    It’s very windy for the poor little creature: she’s being blown about like anything …

    1. Oh I hope you don’t get cut off. But be warned — it can be very addicting. I’ve spent hours watching these little birds, not to mention the eagles, the barn owls, the falcons …

  3. Been watching Phoebe off and on for several years now myself. Many happy moments and several traumatic ones also as you noted. I have watched the Decorah Eagles webcam a few times but I’m a White Rock Eagle fan myself. That site is located in British Columbia only a mile or so from the US/Washington State border. They have three eggs this year also.

    1. I’ll have to look for those. But Phoebe has always been my favorite. Something about having such a close view of something so tiny. I did got just as hooked on Molly the Barn Owl a few years ago that was pretty amazing too. I think the owner was overwhelmed by the response. Hasn’t done a live feed since then.

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