Hummer update: First hatch this morning

First feeding (Image:

First feeding (Image:

(Update, March 29: The second egg hatched early this morning. There are now two healthy hatchlings in the nest.)

For those following the story, the first of Phoebe’s two eggs hatched this morning. They usually hatch in early morning and I usually miss it. Anyway, there’s now a baby hummingbird in the nest. One more to come. Let’s hope there’s no drama this time around.

Screenshot of late lunch being served at 2:05 pm MDT.

Screenshot of late lunch being served at 2:05 pm MDT

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10 replies

  1. D’OH! I just sent you an email about it. I have the cam running in the background in another window so I can hear her coming and going and maybe see her feed her new baby.

  2. I’ve a shortcut on my menubar, thanks to you ! 😀

      • When it comes to birds, and hummingbirds in pertickolar, you can get me every time.
        Those dear, tiny little creatures …
        Have you seen the video I reposted a couple of months back, Susan ? –

        • Ah yes, one of my favorite videos. I’m always amazed that the hummer goes back inside after being free to leave that first day.

          On one of my older posts I mentioned that the first time I saw a hummer in the wild, I thought it was a big bumblebee. I was just a kid, playing in a mountain meadow full of flowers and bees and such and this “giant bumblebee” buzzed by me several times. Really scared me at first. To this day I can’t get over a bird being so tiny. (but better a bird that small than a bee that big!)

        • I like your practical way of approaching the topic. 😀

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I forgot to look this morning, but just watched mom take off (5:55pm), saw the chick, but mom didn’t do a feeding.

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