Attention hummingbird fans


In past years I was a devoted follower of Phoebe the hummingbird and the live video feeds from her nest. It was fascinating to watch nests being built, eggs laid and hatching, and chicks fledging and leaving the nest. When the webcam’s owner/operator moved, I assumed that was the end of the hummingbird cam.

Today, however, I came across Bella Hummingbird, a very similar live feed of a hummer nest. I haven’t sussed out all the details yet — where the nest is located, who owns and operates the webcam, etc. But I thought I’d mention the website for those who are interested since these baby hummers look like they won’t be around much longer.

For those not familiar with hummingbirds, their nests are about the size of golf balls. Their eggs are the size of TicTacs. Adult birds are 3 to 3.5 inches from beak tip to tail tip.

The video feed includes sound so be sure your speakers are on and volume turned up.

As with the Phoebe webcam, the Bella webcam includes a chat channel. There is also a second camera feed from a nearby hummingbird feeder.



12 thoughts on “Attention hummingbird fans

  1. I have 3 humming bird feeders in my back yard and have had them for a number of years. They are very territorial and do not like to share. I have witnessed many a aerial dog fight fighting over these three feeders 50 and 120 feet apart.

    1. These live cams are so much fun to watch (and listen to), especially at those times when Denver is socked in with nasty winter weather. They’re like opening a window and letting spring in.

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