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Category: wolves

Something to howl about

“The Big Howl” is a last ditch effort to keep the gray wolves of the Northern Rockies from losing their endangered species designation. For most of them, that protection ends […]

Attention, wolf lovers

No, this isn’t another update on the status of gray wolves. I just wanted to direct your attention to an especially handsome wolf pictured over on Thoughts-0-Dave. This guy’s markings […]

Salazar removes protection for gray wolves

Funny the things you don’t see in the national news. There was a big hurrah about Pres. Obama putting a hold on George Bush’s last minute “midnight regulations,” which included […]

Yellowstone wolf tracked to Colorado

I’ve written several times about gray wolves in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, and the battle being waged by conservationists to preserve their protected status. Among these wolves are those painstaking […]

Wolves still howling out west

I’ve written before about the status of gray wolves in the U.S. Those are the ones the Bush administration kept trying to get removed from the endangered species list so […]

I feel so much safer now

Our dear lame-duck president just can’t seem to rein in his sneaky, backdoor impulses. I guess it would be too obvious for him to step up like the president he […]

Bush going after wolves … again

The Bush administration is determined to go after the gray wolves in our Northern Rockies. Yet another plan is in the works to allow mass hunts of a species still […]