Great news for wolves

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  1. Pied. I should call you piedhype, if you don’t calm down. ha ha. Frustrating, isn’t it? Did you know USFWS is under investigation? Idaho, too.

    The wolfs left ynp; no food. They’re moving out of Idaho, somewhat; no food, and …well, west and north-west. South, east, unmanaged. It’s eco-terror but folks haven’t been listening. They don’t trust anyone, anymore and they have just cause. We have all been lied to about the wolfs. There are a lot of them and they move on to where more food is. As I have mentioned in the past, if the wolf is left to it’s own accord, with no manageing (hunting), it will take away ALL the animals, leaving itself to turn on itself for lack of food; at which point ALL the wolfs have to be killed, no acceptions. DOW will have to pay for the restoration of the animal wild forests after the deseases have been eradicated.

    Also; (from before) We can have our Cake and eat it, too. If they weren’t so sneaky to go behind closed doors and try and hide it but remember the hunter? He’s the one that knows the numbers of everything in the woods – no one else. This could have worked really well if they had not lied and kept moving the goal posts, as they say.

    I feel really bad for the dog. If and open season is not allowed soon, their numbers will over-ride our animals and someone will have to answer to the people for it. I’m trying really hard to perk your interests to keep an open mind for not only all our animals but the wolf, especially and consider why USFWS would rob so many millions from hunters’ fees and then turn a dog loose on the game whle disallowing management fifteen years – twenty? That cannot be allowed to happen or we’ll be in Russia again with not pets and no going out. I love the dog. Not the numbers of dogs, is all.

    It’s the same thru out; where you hear the retard chewin his chaw in proclamation of his acquired knowledge, manage the dog; or (everyone will) starve. It ain’t fancy. It just has to be done – always. A thousand pictures of words about what hunters want for the wolf is sad to hear. What and awful thing to tag on person that he wants to kill all the wolfs. It’s just not so. No one is like that that I know of or read of. If someone like that were in the woods, like that, he wouldn’t be in the woods long, is all.

    Heads up, for you, piedtype.

    1. PiedHype? LOL. Yes, I do get carried away sometimes.

      Looking at the entire issue as objectively as I can, I’d say it’s up to the scientists, researchers, biologists, etc. to determine what constitutes a viable wolf (or any other animal) population and the best ways to protect and preserve it. Biology 101. Ranchers, hunters, politicians, and environmental extremists all have their own agendas when it comes to wolves.

  2. Thanks. It’s why I included ranchers and hunters with biologist, researchers and non-gov’t. scientists. The whole point in manageing the wolf is that it be managed year-round which has not been done in quite some time. As much as misinformation says the wolves were slaughted off of the landscape and that’s why they are endangered, is the media lying; the wolf was still here. In small numbers. Ranchers, hunters, biologists, etc., are the ones on the ground. In point, the hunting industry is responsible financially and physically for restoring wildlife in American. Weighed against the ESA, well, what’s the point? ESA has a zero track record for saving any animal. Under the USFWS, the agenda is to remove hunting by removing animals by placing an alien, the wolf, in our woods and gamelands, destroying our wildlife, forests, watersheds, why won’t anyone even consider it might be true? The Tele- is lying to us. They have propagandized the wolf to endangerment.

    Step back for second and consider why the ones before us took away so many wolves and raised and emense game herd for the whole world to enjoy. What insane idea deems sending the wolves back into the woods? They need manageing – constantly.

    Did I mention it’s the Club of Rome thru the CFR? Same lot what brought us a foreign Fed. Reserve and foreign bankers steeling everything we have over and over again – each bailout. Where did it all go? In their foreign banks to break us. Rome runs the world thru the US. You just don’t know it, yet.

    Obushma didn’t change.

  3. No, science is on one side, trying to save wolves from extinction in the lower 48. Ranchers and hunters are on the other side, wanting the wolves gone. But I’ve gone over all this before.

  4. Ok, so, you believe the LIE. You swallowed it hook line and sinker. Never did it occur to you to find out for yourself but let others sway your thinking for you. I’m sorry.

    DOW will make restitution of the game herd, eventually. Before it goes on much more and the devastation continues to ruin the game, I thot you might like to know about it so you can form your own opinion with facts instead of hearsay.

    Why would I bother coming to and almost closed blog and offer information that you do not have? Why are you blogging in the first place? It sounds like you pick up type randomly and place it to print- there, story, all done.

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to get involved with facts; they’re an awful bitch to keep up with. You have to have accountability, resourses…, and a pair.

    I may have mentioned in the past, that you may be to young to appreciate where I am coming from. And, not listening to your elders always gets one in trouble. ha ha I’m old school – born in fifty and know how things got to be so out of hand for some sissified radicals that need their ears boxed, as they used to say. You can’t say that anymore – so many people in dresses giving women a bad name, these days.

    We will have our wolves managed. eventually. Whether they all kill each other off in the meantime is on your hands and DOW completely for promoting lies, steeling, cheating, fear mongering. I brought you no fear mongering or lies. I stole nothing. I merely want justice served from truth not fiction. You folks are living in fiction and it is way past time to wake up from your disney dreams before more people are murdered by the dog. I know that’s a harsh statement to make but you asked for it. I know you said you didn’t support DOW. If this comment sends you to them to give them your money, it will go towards removing the rest of the animals in the woods – because it is running unchecked, eating whatever, killing whatever and leaving it, time and after time.

    I wasted enough of my time …

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