Name that commercial

Another cool commercial. I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t help it. Occasionally my antiquated advertising major rears its head.  Anyway, assuming you haven’t seen it, try to guess what product this is for. The first time I saw… Read More ›

Love this commercial

This is my current favorite commercial. I can’t imagine any dog lover not loving it. The product involved, Beneful dog chow, is incidental. It’s all about the dog and the ball. Unfortunately this video is the long version of the… Read More ›

Education is a cross I must bear

A recent TV commercial for Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making me cringe and is killing CTCA’s credibility. With me, anyway. The man talking about his treatment speaks of “prosate” cancer. No, no, no! It’s prostate. There’s another “t” in… Read More ›