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Category: advertising

WordPress, have you been naughty … again?

Just about a year ago I posted “WordPress, have you been naughty?” It was about a screenshot disappearing from my media library and thus from the post where it appeared, “Ouch, WordPress […]

Name that commercial

Another cool commercial. I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t help it. Occasionally my antiquated advertising major rears its head.  Anyway, assuming you haven’t seen it, try to guess […]

Love this commercial

This is my current favorite commercial. I can’t imagine any dog lover not loving it. The product involved, Beneful dog chow, is incidental. It’s all about the dog and the […]

Education is a cross I must bear

A recent TV commercial for Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making me cringe and is killing CTCA’s credibility. With me, anyway. The man talking about his treatment speaks of […]

Budweiser foal

My take on some Super Bowl commercials

I didn’t turn on the Super Bowl until halftime, so I missed whatever commercials aired before then. But it’s been hard to overlook the popular ones if you’ve had a […]

Philippe Dubost resume

How to sell yourself online

I have no idea what constitutes a great résumé these days, but I’m guessing Philippe Dubost’s Amazon look-alike résumé has garnered several good job offers by now. His website has been […]

Texas has beaches, too

Maybe one of you Texans can answer this. In a new BP commercial, there are representatives from Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida sitting at a table on a beach talking […]