And now a word from our sponsor …

I apologize for the quality of this screenshot. The original was just as bad.

This is a “high fashion” ad that appears in my New York Times newsletter most days. I’ve always thought high fashion stuff was kind of silly. Dramatic poses that normal people never adopt in clothes that normal people never wear.

This ad struck me as particularly silly. This is haute couture? The model looks for all the world like she has a horrible backache. As for “shades of blue,” that dress looks black on my screen. Maybe it’s dark navy; hard to tell the difference sometimes. Oh, and she’s facing out of the ad. As an advertising major back in the ’60s, I was taught to always have faces and figures facing into the ad or into the page.

If you click on “Shop Now,” you’re taken to this:

“New shades of blue,” eh? Still looks black to me, not a cool color for hot days. And the poor model still looks positively exhausted from that aching back.

“Shop This Look”? I think I’ll pass.


10 thoughts on “And now a word from our sponsor …

  1. Backache, bad hip, menstrual pain … could be any of these. Maybe if it was more than one arm it wouldn’t look as ridiculous. Though it might look like she’s doing the chicken dance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looks black to me, too. And that pose makes the dress look like the cut is none too attractive. Hard pass.

    1. Awful, isn’t it? I think any passerby on the street could choose a better photo. I thought at least models were supposed to show off the clothes, but she doesn’t even do that.

    1. These days one never knows. Some people have such sloping shoulders that they look abnormal (to me, anyway). But now that I look at it closely, it does look a bit odd. Real or photoshopped, itโ€™s a horrible picture to choose for an ad โ€ฆ unless youโ€™re advertising a product for backache.

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