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Category: advertising

AARP hatin’ on shrimp treadmills

Recently the AARP has been running an ad warning seniors that there are plans afoot to cut Medicare “and even Social Security” benefits. It’s a misleading message at the very […]

The Ames Games: DNC pounces on Romney gaffe

Let’s see now, it was … um … just yesterday when Gov. Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, declared, “Corporations are people.” And already, the Democratic National Committee has released […]

Nike ad a nasty misstep

If you live on the moon, you might not have seen or heard about the creepy new Nike ad with Tiger Woods’ dead father talking to him. That’s all it […]

Ads that bug me more than most

The Progresso Soup ad where folks are calling each other on phones made of soup cans and string. Any kid who has ever made those phones knows they only work […]