About Wendy Davis and her Mizunos

8 thoughts on “About Wendy Davis and her Mizunos”

    1. LOL. Yes, $10,395 is a bit steep for a pair of sneakers, no matter now spiffy they might be.

      I assume someone is hacking the website and playing with the prices. This morning the listed price is “$114.95 – $115.00.” Equally as silly, though not as spectacular.

  1. I’m glad Wendy has comfy shoes. She has some heavy lifting to do.
    But why are people making the shoes political? Why?
    These are shoes. Glad the company is staying neutral – it’s just shoes – the company isn’t putting political party images on them. SHOES.
    Officially nuts.
    (Oh, loved the post – thanks for spotting this goofy situation….sad reflection on society)

    1. I understand people will seize upon symbols to rally around, show unity, etc. These colorful shoes can serve that purpose, if that’s what the wearers want to think. Kind of like wearing specially colored ribbons or bracelets. But short of a deliberate boycott, it seems a bit silly to base a purchasing decision on the shoe company’s president’s political affiliation.

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