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Category: blogging

Akismet shines above WordPress storm

It’s been a long, frustrating, infuriating 10 days for WordPress bloggers. The new and improved editor that isn’t, with all its attendant bugs, hiccups, missing features, and malfunctioning has been […]

Hey, I did a guest post for timethief

Just an FYI to my readers: My first-ever guest post was published on timethief’s blog, One Cool Site, a few days ago. Through some weird miscommunication, I only just found […]

Knock it off, WordPress!

WordPress has done it again, in case you hadn’t noticed. Go ahead, start a new post. Or try to edit an old one. Beep beep boop! Bubbles. Baby blue background. […]


To This is a request to stop all tracking of on your website and remove all existing material from The code number you provided for this purpose […]

Yes, I reread my old posts

Do you reread your old posts? I do. I don’t do it with any plan or forethought, but curiosity leads me to do it all the time. I’ll see in […]

WP borders and margins are back

Whether they buckled under pressure or had it in mind all along, we’ll probably never know. But it appears that WordPress has reinstituted border and margin settings in our image […]