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Category: WordPress

Another spate of ‘compliments’

Anyone else get a pot full of spam this morning? I went to bed last night with an empty email inbox and a clean, up-to-date Akismet screen. This morning I […]

WordPress, have you been naughty … again?

Just about a year ago I posted “WordPress, have you been naughty?” It was about a screenshot disappearing from my media library and thus from the post where it appeared, “Ouch, WordPress […]

Oops, I missed that blogging milestone

I had intended to do something self-congratulatory when I got to my 2,000th post on Pied Type, but I managed to miss it. “Password predicaments,” posted May 11, was numero […]

Should links open in new windows/tabs?

On her blog One Cool Site this week, timethief listed some good sources for blogging tips and one in particular piqued my interest. It discusses how and why to have […]

Spammers ‘Like’ WordPress news, too

WordPress announced two new themes today and of course I couldn’t wait to take a look. They are named “Newsworthy” and “Visual.” When I got to the bottom of the […]

Why I turned off WordPress ‘Like’

I‘ve been a WordPress blogger for many years, but only in the last couple of weeks have I learned how WP’s Like button actually works. At least, I think I […]

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Issues WordPress needs to address

On her blog One Cool Site, timethief recently discussed WordPress Followers. She has noticed a high number of Followers who are actually commercial sites, spammers, etc. and wishes WordPress would […]