Hasta la vista, Facebook

 My now-former Facebook header
My now-former Facebook header

I’ve often ranted about the evils of Facebook and yet, I confess, I’ve continued to have my WordPress posts auto-posted to Facebook. Well, that ends today. This is the last post of mine you’ll see on FB. If you normally read my stuff on FB, you can subscribe by email and be notified of my new posts here on WP. Or add a bookmark to your bookmark bar. Or follow via Twitter or the WP Reader. FB is not the only game in town.

My reasoning is simple. I’ve often written about how odious Facebook is but have never really done anything about it. Now, however, hundreds of FB advertisers are boycotting the site for not properly policing its content, and the least I can do is join them. My pitiful little auto-contribution to Zuckerberg’s empire will cease to exist as soon as I can figure out how to take it down. Meantime, don’t look on Facebook for any fresh input from me.

Note: I’d appreciate a confirmation from someone on Facebook that my PiedType material is no longer visible there. If I log back in, in the next 30 days, my account will be reactivated. Yes, that’s the way Facebook operates.

21 thoughts on “Hasta la vista, Facebook

  1. Good for you, Susan! Years ago I abandoned Facebook after trying it for just a period of weeks. Posting on it just didn’t fit my personality, plus, I didn’t like airing personal things to a wide variety of people. The content thing is just one more strike against it.

    1. I originally stopped using it because there were so many confusing settings and submenus that I never knew what was “public.” Then I signed up again when I need a FB account to login to other places. The “other places” do that so they don’t have the burden of security checks, membership lists, etc.

  2. Pied Type page didn’t show up when I searched in FB. Only a couple shares I posted from some earlier posts.

    I’m not of FB that much anymore either. I stay because it’s a good way to keep up with family, but that’s about all I do now. I’ve migrated to Twitter, actually. There’s a huge anti-trump movement in Twitter. It’s very satisfying to see so many people respond to trump’s tweets like they do. Basically putting him in his place. Pointing out lies. Simply calling his an idiot and other not-so-nice names.

    1. Oh, good. I thought maybe FB had hidden my page immediately but I wasn’t sure. And their gotcha is that if you log into FB in the next 30 days, the page reactivates.

      As for Twitter, my posts there are also auto-posts. At least they are being more responsible about how their platform is used. Or so it appears so far.

  3. FB is extremely toxic, particularly at the moment, and I applaud you for leaving! Last month I put a restriction on my phone as to how much time I was allowed to spend on there and it has practically made me quit the mindless, negative scroll entirely!

  4. I got off about five years ago…fast forward to hearing about the Russians paying for political ads IN RUBLES and Zuckerberg did nothing to stop it. That sealed the deal for me. I haven’t missed it.

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