Lipstick on a pig

By now most everyone knows that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has changed Facebook’s name to Meta, as in metaverse. Nice try, Zuck, but you aren’t fooling anyone. Nobody is losing sight of Facebook’s many shortcomings. Not for a second. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. And this distraction/deflection is not … Continue reading Lipstick on a pig

Zuck sucks

My longtime readers won’t be surprised when I say I am appalled by Mark Zuckerberg’s defense of lies and fake news posted and promoted on his Facebook platform. He’s acknowledged they are there, that he knows foreign interests are using Facebook to plant false information, encourage lies and distortions, and support American white supremacists and … Continue reading Zuck sucks

Censorship on Facebook

Here’s another cartoon about all the university students complaining about the terrible injustices (“micro aggressions,” “hurtful speech,” etc.) they’ve endured on campus. Thought I’d get it in while I’m still contemplating the issue. The interesting thing about this cartoon, however, is that it was deemed so politically incorrect — or something — that Facebook removed … Continue reading Censorship on Facebook

Facebook screw up

Like I needed another reason to hate Facebook. I just discovered that since November 1, my posts here have not been appearing there. After weeks, or months, of the system working beautifully, with each of my PT posts appearing as summary/preview posts on Facebook, complete with images, the whole thing apparently ground to a halt … Continue reading Facebook screw up