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Category: Facebook

Zuck sucks

My longtime readers won’t be surprised when I say I am appalled by Mark Zuckerberg’s defense of lies and fake news posted and promoted on his Facebook platform. He’s acknowledged […]

Pardon my schadenfreude …

… But I just can’t help it. As I’ve said before: Facebook lack of privacy is old, old news Censorship on Facebook Facebook screw up Facebook: Still not your friend FTC slaps […]

Censorship on Facebook

Here’s another cartoon about all the university students complaining about the terrible injustices (“micro aggressions,” “hurtful speech,” etc.) they’ve endured on campus. Thought I’d get it in while I’m still […]

Facebook’s football folly

With the college football season firing up, this Facebook map is guaranteed to spark discussion. It shows which top-25 college team has the most Likes in each county. Slate breaks […]

padlocked keyboard

No such thing as privacy on social media

“We have literally no protection against the advancements of Internet and social media,” complains Diane O’Meara, the young woman whose photo was used to dupe Manti Te’o. Yes, you do, […]

Facebook screw up

Like I needed another reason to hate Facebook. I just discovered that since November 1, my posts here have not been appearing there. After weeks, or months, of the system […]