FB test post

Trail Ridge Rainbow - Nate Zeman
‘Trail Ridge Rainbow’ by Nate Zeman. Reprinted with permission.

This is a test post to see if I’ve successfully linked my blog with Facebook.

Postscript: It appears I now have two Facebook pages, one for Pied Type and one for Susan Richards. And apparently posts here will be reposted to the Pied Type page. Hope I haven’t confused anyone.

4 thoughts on “FB test post

  1. Not in my feeds. Searched by PT and using your name & PT. Found the page where you changed photo & profile pic – clicked following, but still no test post. Off to greet visitors- will search again tonight.

    1. Currently there appear to be two FB pages, one for Susan Richards and one for Pied Type. Yes, I’m working very hard to confuse everyone … or at least those one or two who care.

      The posts from here now appear to be going to the Pied Type page.

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