Double whammy

Reviving an old habit, I’ve started watching (sort of) the Sunday morning news programs again. There is, after all, a lot of news streaming out of Washington these days.

At 10 am, I tuned into State of the Union and bang — there’s Hillary Clinton talking about September 11. Ugh, I’m so done with both of those topics. Both have been history for some time — in my book, anyway — and I’m not the least bit interested in hearing from or about either one.

Okay, changing the channel. (So shoot me; I haven’t cut the cable cord yet.)

Now, what to do for a picture. Not interested in pictures of either of these subjects. How about a nice reminder of our incoming change of season?

Image: Art Wolfe poster

8 thoughts on “Double whammy

        1. I’d never thought much about vegetation in Australia, aside from eucalyptus for the koalas. Are your trees and shrubs as unique as your animals?

          And by the way, those are aspen leaves if you’re wondering.

          1. The astonishingly large range of eucalypts (gum-trees) was once; but now many are grown all over the world. And this is exactly the time for you to check out our wildflowers – especially those in Western Australia, Susan ! πŸ™‚

          2. I’ve always thought Australia would be a fascinating place to visit. Many, many years ago I even dreamed of moving there. But when one speaks of “a world away,” Australia is it for me.

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