High country clouds

Today is an especially good day to experience the TundraCam. Down here in the Mile High City we’ve been socked in all morning, with the temperature hovering just above 50° (vs. 99° just two days ago).

Located at 11,600 feet, the live streaming TundraCam is just barely above our current cloud cover. You can sit in front of your screen and let the wisps of cloud sweep by, almost as though you were actually there. You can almost feel the sweet dampness.

Or maybe it’s just me imagining past experiences in similar conditions. The TundraCam isn’t far from Nederland, Colo., but conditions are much the same farther north in Rocky Mountain National Park. Tourists there aren’t seeing sweeping vistas today. Everything is buried in cloud — unless they drive up Trail Ridge Road to the Alpine Visitor Center, above the clouds. That in itself is a memorable experience for flatlanders — driving up to and through the clouds.

Then again, maybe I’m the only one infatuated with high country.

View from the Alpine Visitor Center
View from the Alpine Visitor Center. Estes Park is down under the clouds near the horizon.

Banner image: View today from the TundraCam

4 thoughts on “High country clouds

  1. So it really was true– sunshine up at AVC today! The bottom of the clouds was barely above the trees at Fall River this morning. As it got light out, a cold mist was in the air. Then the mist stopped, but it seemed to get colder. I wore my uniform sweater AND coat (usually one or the other). Had gloves with me, but too hard to work in them, darn it! Now home with Hershey the furry lap blanket 🙂

    1. It looked like you were having a slower day because of the weather. I could see how far down the clouds were in much of Estes Valley, down along the Peak to Peak, Ward … most of the Front Range really low cover. Dismal, cold, wet here. But it looked clear as a bell above 11,000 or so. Pikes Peak summit was clear too. I had to go out and grabbed my winter jacket. Never a dull moment with Colo. weather.

  2. The TV cameras at the CU – USAFA football game last night captured the change in weather quite well. People were remarking how cold it was and there was a steady drizzle. Don’t know if you watched it but the Flyboys have a seriously-good team this year. Navy has its work cut out for them.

    1. I sort of had one eye on the game and one on my computer. Gonna be a long season for the Buffs, looks like. That weather was the kind we had all day. I noticed it even interfered with visibility on the long shots, looking like fog.

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