Queen Elizabeth II has died

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, age 96, died today at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. With her passing, her eldest son Charles became King Charles III.

While I’ve never fully appreciated the continued veneration of royalty in the modern world, I do extend my deepest condolences to the royal family and all who loved her.

By any measure, she was an extraordinary woman known and respected around the world.

5 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II has died

  1. Once upon a time I recall reading a proposal that the U.S. adopt the status of having two presidents, one to actually do the work and the second to do the ceremonial stuff. Of course the notion never went anywhere, but that does seem like the function of the Royal Family in the U.K. Like you, I find the thought preposterous of some people being more important than others just because of the family they are born into. In this case though, I think QE II had the right idea in promoting general good behavior and civilized discourse. Of course, back in the day, before 2016, we had some of that ourselves.

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