Lipstick on a pig

4 thoughts on “Lipstick on a pig”

  1. Mark Zuckerburg is probably positioning his company to be a member of the transhumanism metaverse. It is an effort to encourage people to virtually live online in a HD 3D virtual reality digital world where real people can interact, using avatars, in worlds generated by the imaginations of the developers. It may be an exact reproduction of a real place, conferences perhaps, or a base on Mars. Perhaps some totally unrecognisable landscape where empirical laws don’t have meaning, literally whatever you could imagine could be made real.
    Transhumanism transcends the human experience apparently, it is a melding of digital and real. They talk about ‘mind uploading’ and such. Along the lines of Elon Musks chip implants, etc. Ok if you have a grounding in real-life but would probably confuse a young mind as to what was real and what wasn’t. Especially if real life moves into that world, virtual shops and AI avatars working for unseen operators. Trolls made real, sounds nice.

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