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Category: NBC

Olympics broadcast schedules

A suggestion for Olympics TV broadcast schedules: Check out the NBC schedule. It tells you exactly what’s on now and on which channel, with precise start times. If you sort […]

NBC and its ‘godless’ U.S. Open

Had I watched the U.S. Open over the weekend, I might have seen the little patriotic montage that NBC ran. But I doubt I would have noticed what seems to […]

NBC opens Olympics with death video

Launching its coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies this evening,  NBC took the low road. In the first ten minutes of an eagerly awaited family television event, during […]

Matthews-Olbermann circus shut down by MSNBC

I’m taking entirely too much pleasure in hearing today that Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have been been spanked by MSNBC for their anchoring of the national political conventions in […]