And you thought the Olympics were about sports! Ha!

3 thoughts on “And you thought the Olympics were about sports! Ha!”

  1. I’m a bad ‘Merican. I haven’t watched one single second of the Olympics. It just hasn’t been the same since they let professional athletes compete.

    Yeah, I haven’t watched them for years.
    Tsk, tsk. Din’t you know it’s yur dooty to watch the Lympics!?

    But you have a good excuse. You’ve been a wee bit busy lately.

  2. It IS wonderful that someone thought to do this kind of coverage. Of course, I thought so eight years ago when I first started doing it…

    …but to be fair to Slate, although they did copy my idea, I didn’t have a meter. Next time, maybe!

    Probably being done in one form or another in a zillion places. Slate’s just happened to be the one I was referred to. Kudos to everyone for covering NBC’s Lympics the way they deserve to be covered. 😉

    Just peeked at your blog and you have the stats I was wondering about — fluff ‘n’ stuff vs. actual sports coverage. I owe NBC an apology; it’s NOT a 50/50 split.

  3. Absolutely spot-on. I can’t stand NBC’s Olympics coverage (see my website for my article on such). I really wish my cable provider carried CBC.
    As in Canadian Broadcasting Company? I used to watch that all the time when I lived in NY. But I was just across the lake from them then.

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