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Category: Photography

The seamy side of photojournalism

Back on June 6 in a post titled “Truth in photography” I expressed my disappointment about a photographer staging his photo. As we discussed at the time, staging is a common practice […]

A bit of Flatiron history

Some readers might recognize these rock formations as The Flatirons, a Boulder, Colorado, landmark. Symbol of the city, they rise from the foothills just southwest of town and are visible […]

Mountain king

I’ve posted innumerable photos of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, some bathed in alpenglow, others glistening with snow, and most splashed with light and shadow. But common to all was color. […]

Truth in photography

This spectacular shot of Yosemite’s Half Dome at night was taken by Matthew Seville and is an entry in the National Geographic 2015 Traveler Photo Contest, which closes at the […]

My heart is in Nepal

Erik Stensland posted this new photograph of Longs Peak on his Facebook page this morning. It was shot last night as the sun was going down. Longs is my favorite […]

Silence is golden in Rocky Mountain NP

I wasn’t aware of it … because it wasn’t there. And I didn’t fully appreciate that fact until I got my newsletter from the Rocky Mountain Conservancy yesterday. All these […]

These photos are out of this world

The photo above reminds me of an undersea scene with sponges or coral or something. But it isn’t. It’s the surface of Mars, photographed from the orbiting Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter […]