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Category: Photography

Worth more than 1000 words

On January 31, Coronado, Calif., photographer Dan McGeorge caught this spectacular scene of a full rainbow arching over the historic Hotel del Coronado. A bit after the rainbow had faded, a […]

Trying to end on a high note

About this time every year I usually enjoy browsing the various collections of “photographs of the year” or “the year in pictures” posted by major news outlets. This year was notably different. […]

Rocky Mountain dawn at 11 below

Thursday morning, when temperatures in Denver sank to a record low of -14° F, most sane people were still cozy in their beds. A few, however, were out and about, which […]

In anticipation of autumn

  This beautiful photograph is titled “Glow.” It’s by Breckenridge, Colo., photographer Nate Zeman, whose work I’ve featured in the past and reprinted with his permission. Chimney Peak (aka Chimney […]

Milky Way over Bear Lake, RMNP

This is Erik Stensland’s newest published photograph, the Milky Way above Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Longs Peak is reflected in the lake. It was shot just four days ago, […]

The artistry of webcams

  Frequent Pied Type visitors are aware of my addiction to webcams. I post screenshots from them, comment on their availability, etc. They are my windows on the world, and […]