Never stop learning

10 thoughts on “Never stop learning”

          1. Yes but in this case it’s perfectly correct.
            I recall some years back an American writer Bill Bryson during a radio interview here in Sydney was talking about the way women read a map. How a man looks at a map and sees it and pictures himself in it whereas a woman twists it around trying to get the page/map pointing in the right direction to see where she is. All very confusing if you’re of the opposite sex.

          2. Of course I picture myself in the map. It’s one reason I’ve always loved maps. Especially topo maps. In my mind it’s almost like being there. I only turn it enough to put north at the top. Gender has nothing to do with reading a map. You either know how, or you don’t.

          3. The only books the War office ever opens are her atlas’s she has about half a dozen, but shereally has no idea which way north is, If I assk her I’m sure she’d point her finger up^^^^

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