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Category: Election 2008

Burris turned away but undeterred

The 111th Congress convened today in Washington, and Roland Burris, the Democratic senate appointee of indicted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, was turned away because his papers “were not in order.” […]

Politics: Never a dull moment

President-elect Barack Obama’s Inauguration is coming up January 20 and there’s been no shortage of news about his appointments, problems, family move, dog, daughters’ school, etc. More than enough to […]

No way, no how, no mailing list

MSNBC is reporting this morning that Bill and Hillary Clinton are angry that the Obama campaign is not doing more to help them retire Hillary’s campaign debt. The Clintons think […]

Lieberman’s chickens come home to roost

So Harry Reid is thinking of dumping Joe Lieberman from his committee posts? It’s about time! I’ve written before about Lieberman’s self-serving party hopping and it’s long past time for […]

We are not yet one nation

I fell asleep last night thinking about some of the blogs I had read yesterday. Of course I didn’t expect them all to be ecstatic about Obama’s election; after all, […]