Burris turned away but undeterred

Roland Burris

The 111th Congress convened today in Washington, and Roland Burris, the Democratic senate appointee of indicted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, was turned away because his papers “were not in order.”

He is expected to meet with Majority Leader Harry Reid tomorrow and that may or may not turn out as he’d like. Analysts are saying Reid may make a deal that he’ll seat Burris if Burris promises to serve only the two years remaining in the term and not run for re-election in 2010. Others are suggesting the plan is to drag the whole thing out until the Illinois political machine finds a way to get Blagojevich out of office, thus invalidating Burris’s appointment.

It’s an interesting story to follow. Burris is a super ambitious political hack who failed in his last five attempts to win higher elective office in Illinois. The fact that Blagojevich appointed him does nothing for his reputation, and he seems not to realize he’s just a black pawn in Blago’s twisted game.

On the other hand, despite the stench surrounding his nomination, Burris does not appear to be guilty of anything worse than political tone deafness, and Blago, as long as he remains governor, has the authority to appoint someone to the empty senate seat.


To ensure his place in Illinois history, Burris has already erected a monument/tombstone/mausoleum for himself.

Burris lists his achievements on his tombstone/monument, lest history forget. Rumor has it that “humility” is not among them.


2 thoughts on “Burris turned away but undeterred

  1. He may be all those things you say, but the legislature in Illinois had the chance to take Blago’s decision-making rights away, and they didn’t. Therefore, Burress’s appointment was legal. Its kind of B.S. that they didn’t even let him in the capitol building. SOMEONE has to sit in the seat and represent Illinois. Doesn’t the population deserve representation, instead of an empty seat and a lost vote?

    [A report I heard this evening said that getting the signature of the Illinois secretary of state is not actually a legal requirement, nor does the Senate have the legal authority to refuse to seat him. Sounds like Harry Reid doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on.]

  2. They cannot just disregard him… even though it seems pathetic… He seems to me to be a pawn in a game for Blago too- what is he up to now? Blago said he “cares about Illinois” and that’s why he nominated Burris. Oh, so all of a sudden, he cares about Illinois? Pah-lease. Something smells fishy… AGAIN!

    [Surely no one believes Blago “cares about Illinois.” It looks like the only thing he cares about is enriching himself. How on earth did he get elected in the first place?]

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