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Category: US

About that Utah monolith

It’s gone. The mysterious, gleaming monolith in the Utah desert is gone. In its place, a sad little cairn. Now we are left to speculate about who removed it Friday […]

Second best story of the week

The mysterious, unexplained Utah monolith was discovered by helicopter pilots who were out counting bighorn sheep in a rugged part of the state. Spectacular, isn’t it? Beautiful in its simplicity. […]

Never attack a man’s dog

This story was all over the news today, but in case you missed it, here it is again. As John Wick would tell you, never mess with a man’s dog. […]

Honoring all who served

Veterans Day 2020 “In war there are no unwounded soldiers.”— Jose Narosky Thank you, veterans everywhere!

Farewell, DST

Did you remember to change all your clocks last night? I got all but the one in the car. Oh, and my watch. And the little clock on the mantle. […]