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Holly is not mistletoe

I first published the article below back in 2012, but having just watched “The Masked Singer,” I feel compelled to reprint it. On the show Robin Thicke was given a […]

It’s so much more than a mere tattoo

This Super Dad spent 30 hours getting a tattoo to match his son’s birthmark so his son would no longer be self-conscious. Now they have something to share for life. […]

Return of the Grammar Grinch

I try mightily to maintain my composure when the English language goes off the rails, but having spent my working years as an editor makes it difficult. Being “old and […]

Let nothing stop the vaccine deliveries

In Colorado this week there have been several test runs of Covid vaccine delivery. Packages frozen like the Pfizer vaccine have been tracked and delivered from Denver to points in […]

I appreciate you! Pass it on

I was reminded today by the young man who delivered my groceries that I am deeply appreciative of so many people who’ve helped get me through this year. This young […]