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Whew, that was close

By now you’ve probably heard about the United Airlines plane that suffered an engine failure over Broomfield, Colo., yesterday afternoon and dropped debris on the city. Not long after that […]

Alarming NYT photo from Texas

The New York Times “Evening Briefing” last night featured this photo with a story about the ongoing winter weather disaster in Texas. I hope desperately that it was staged, because […]

And I thought 2020 was over

Over the years I’ve seen my share of snow, ice, freezing temperatures, burst pipes, tornadoes, and power outages. But I’ve never seen a transformer failure with power surges like those […]

Oh joy, it’s that day again

  (But if you insist, I like lavender roses and mini Snickers candy bars. Better yet, Haagen Dazs Bourbon Praline Pecan ice cream.)

Vaccination vexation

As I understand it, each state orders and distributes its own supply of Covid-19 vaccine, and the US government may or may not be able to supply all that a […]

2020 retrospectives? No thanks

Goodbye and good riddance. Those are my feelings about the end of 2020. All those interesting year-end retrospectives I used to enjoy? Not this year. Who wants to dwell on […]

Holly is not mistletoe

I first published the article below back in 2012, but having just watched “The Masked Singer,” I feel compelled to reprint it. On the show Robin Thicke was given a […]

It’s so much more than a mere tattoo

This Super Dad spent 30 hours getting a tattoo to match his son’s birthmark so his son would no longer be self-conscious. Now they have something to share for life. […]