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Category: US

First it was toilet paper

This has been a year of one frustration after another. A big one for me, self-isolating since March and dependent on delivered groceries, is not being able to get a […]

Burning like Washington

A tree burns in California — from the base and from the inside. Aerial slurry drops don’t help because they can’t penetrate the forest’s thick upper canopy. Control ultimately requires […]

Something old is new again

This morning I stumbled across this item on the Hammacher Schlemmer website. It’s billed as “the world’s only four-wheeled rowing cycle.” Well, it may be the only one now, but […]

If only

I was rummaging through a box in the garage recently and found this — a Christmas card I received maybe forty or fifty years ago. I liked it so much […]

Another funny cat tale

Fair warning: Put your drink down before watching. A dozen views later and I still ROFL. But then, I’m a lifelong cat lover. Cat standing on his own tail from […]

A better metaphor

Three months ago I mentioned a reporter who opined that a dumpster fire was the perfect metaphor for the year 2020. And I agreed with him. Until I saw this […]

Can we please just skip the rest of 2020?

I’m not the only one who saw the first videos from Beirut Tuesday and immediately thought “nuke.” But the thought passed as quickly as the mushroom-shaped cloud itself — unlike […]