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Category: dogs

Dog park follow-up

Annie and I went to the dog park again today, just before noon. As I expected, there were far fewer dogs — only four or five when we arrived. All […]

Day One at the dog park

Annie and I took our first trip to the dog park this morning. I knew Saturday morning probably wouldn’t be the quietest time to go, but I woke up early […]

Annie settling in beautifully

Annie, my new BFF who arrived April 18, is doing great. We’re not getting in all the walks I’d imagined — to no one’s surprise — but she seems pretty […]


D-Day in Denver

Today was D-Day here in Denver … Dog Day for yours truly. This is my new bff and roomie, tentatively named Jessie Annie:   She’s about seven months old and […]

Meeting Itamar

Itamar came to visit yesterday. The picture to the right is approximately what he looked like yesterday. The other pictures are from the Mississippi organization that rescued him. I’d already […]

A rose by any other name

Pet names. For our beloved pets, not our beloved humans. One could write a book about pet names, and no doubt several people already have. I’m in pet-naming mode again […]

Sometimes I feel like a nut

As you can see, I’m “rearranging the furniture” again, partly to avoid thinking about the ramifications of the phone conversation I just had. I finally got up the nerve Monday […]

Doggin’ it

Since last summer, I’ve been debating whether to get a dog … more specifically, adopt a rescue dog. (I’ve learned not to confuse that with a search-and-rescue dog.) Most of […]