McKinney is wrong, wrong, wrong

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is painfully, conspicuously off base in her story of her “assault” by a Capitol guard. Immediately playing the race card in what is clearly a security issue, not a racial issue, is irresponsible. She makes a mockery of her position as a Congresswoman and is (one presumes) an embarrassment to the good people of Georgia who elected her.

By all accounts, she is the one guilty of assault, striking the guard who attempted to detain her when she walked around the security checkpoint without properly identifying herself and without stopping when the guard told her to, several times. Only after she ignored his verbal order to stop did he reach to physically restrain her. She left him no choice.

It is his job to stop anyone he does not know and/or who does not show proper identification. He and the other guards are there to ensure the safety of everyone in the Capitol, and McKinney should have been cooperative and appreciative.

But then, it is an election year, isn’t it?

... and that's my two cents