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Let’s support ‘Made in USA’

I’ve written before about my disgust with imported goods that are poorly made or just plain dangerous. Today I came across the web site Still Made in USA that lists U.S.-made goods.

The link is in the comments at Toddler Planet. Also at Toddler Planet is a link where you can send email to your representatives in Congress, encouraging them to support additional funding for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As important as this is, however, it does not strike at the heart of the matter—the continued outsourcing by U.S. companies of their manufacturing operations and their subsequent failure to properly monitor the results.

I encourage everyone to buy U.S.-made goods as much as possible. Money talks. Maybe our consumer dollars—or the lack of them—can get the attention of those in Washington and Corporate America. Let’s make “Made in the USA” a rallying cry.

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"A republic, if you can keep it." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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