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William F. Buckley Jr. dead at 82

williambuckley.jpgWilliam F. Buckley, Jr., 82, was found dead in his study this morning, and I am deeply saddened. The arch conservative commentator and author was a notable in my world for as long as I can remember.

From my first presidential election, when I voted for Barry Goldwater, through my votes for Al Gore and John Kerry, to my current stance as an Independent, Bill Buckley towered as THE conservative voice.

His many years as host of PBS’s “Firing Line” were immensely entertaining and always educational, regardless of my changing perspectives. I was in awe of his mastery of the language, his erudition, and his quick, razor wit. He could skewer a hapless guest in seconds, with just a few words, or probe an issue with such depth that both the guest and I struggled to keep up. A dictionary was a useful accessory when he was on the air.

I shall miss this intellectual giant who so often led me through mental gymnastics and linguistic exercises I might otherwise never have attempted.


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