If you came to read my July posts, you’re too late

3 thoughts on “If you came to read my July posts, you’re too late”

  1. NNNNNNNNNooooooooooooooooooooooooo! NO! Oh, I feel your pain! There is nothing more frustrating that when something like this happens…. Sorry 🙁
    I hope it’s a lesson learned. I’m so lucky I only lost a couple of weeks.

  2. Oh cripes, 30, that bites. When my blog was transferred over to the new one, I lost all but one of my may posts for 2007. Go figure. What’s the google cache? And test blog? What is a test blog? I’ve never heard of that before.
    A whole year of posts?! OMG, you post almost every day.

    Google’s advanced search page includes a box to specify the domain you want to search (in my case: piedtype.wordpress.com). It will pull up a list of all the posts for that domain. The bottom line of a listing includes the word “cached,” which is a link to whatever Google currently has stored about that post. Most of the posts I lost were shown in full; I copied and pasted them back in as new entries, changing their dates back to what they originally were. Most of the time the copying picked up all the coding for links, embedded pictures, etc.

    With several of my deleted posts, Google didn’t have the whole thing as it originally appeared. But in the text at the top of the page there was a link “click here for the cached text only.” I managed to get the text of the posts that way.

    Although the comments were there with the posts, I couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste them back to their original form, with proper links, avatars, etc.

    I learned all this in the last few days through trial and error. Maybe that year’s worth of posts you lost can still be recovered.

    For a test blog, just set up a new, private WordPress blog. Then go back to your live blog and download/export it to your desktop. Go back to your test blog and upload/import that file from your desktop into you new blog. Experiment with new themes or whatever on the test blog, without endangering or changing your live, public blog. But since you’re no longer on WordPress, I guess this is no longer applicable.

  3. oh my gosh … hard lesson … think this is one i’ll learn from you. note to self, test blog on new, private wordpress blog … noted.

    sorry this happened to you …
    Thanks. As it turned out, I think I recovered all but one of my posts; I really regret losing the comments, though. Those represented other people’s time and input.

    Test blogs are good for experimenting, but it was thinking I was on my test blog that got me into trouble. Make SURE you’re on the right dashboard before you delete something!

    I should just maintain a back-up on my own computer. I’ve no one but myself to blame. 🙁

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