McCain’s computer illiteracy just won’t fly

4 thoughts on “McCain’s computer illiteracy just won’t fly”

  1. “McCain wants to be the leader of the free world and he hasn’t even kept up with the standards in communication.”

    Yeah! Where is his “myspace” page? LOL!
    He’s probably still looking for some nice 12-yr-old to help him set it up. I’ll bet Cindy knows all about that stuff.

  2. Mr. Bush is a computer literate person. I would take McCain over Bush every time.
    Oh, for sure. Me too. But I’ll take Obama over both of them.

  3. Leafless, did you just use “Bush” and “Literate” in the same sentence?! I think that is worth bonus points.

    Frankly, I don’t care whether McCain or Obama are computer savvy or not. I don’t the President has much time to surf the net or download the latest YouTube videos.

    Godfather (
    Son of a gun, he sure did. Five bonus pts to Leafless!

    I agree the pres doesn’t have to know about computers, but I like to think our pres is smarter than I am. It would be embarrassing if the pres was going “duh” while some foreign leader was showing off his newest techie gadget. But I doubt any president could embarrass me any more than Bush already has.

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