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Category: Obama

Obama, ISIS, and John McCain

I watched President Obama’s speech tonight explaining his plan to deal with ISIS. I was not overly impressed. As he spoke about sending more equipment into Iraq to help them […]

Crimea and the Clancy coincidence

Shades of Tom Clancy. The Russian Navy. The Cold War. The Cuban missile crisis. Putin. Ukraine. Sochi. Russian invasion. All running through my head this afternoon. Déjà vu, etc. Reports […]

Who knew Obamacare would be so entertaining

Looks like Colorado Sen. Mark Udall is the latest in a growing list of Democrats racing to put some distance between themselves and the Obamacare insurance cancellation debacle. He’s proposing […]

Obama’s got some ’splainin’ to do

I like President Obama. I voted for him twice. And despite how bad things look with the Affordable Care Act, I still believe he’s better than McCain-Palin would have been. […]

Pinocchio in the White House

The Washington Post today gives President Obama four Pinocchios for his oft repeated promise, “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.” […]

Brook’s law and the Obamacare website, the Obamacare website, has so far been an unmitigated disaster. Obviously there are serious programming problems that go far beyond a few “glitches” or bugs, beyond heavy traffic and […]

Violence is not a solution

I‘d almost tuned out the discussions about Syria and what appears to be an impending US intervention into a secular war that is none of our business. I’ve heard all […]

On red lines and war

In The New Yorker yesterday, George Packer wrote “Two Minds on Syria.” It covers many of the issues in the current “should we or shouldn’t we” discussions about how to […]

NSA reforms: Obama not believable

On August 9 President Obama announced reforms to the US intelligence gathering system, apparently in an effort to reassure an increasingly skeptical public. As I sat rolling my eyes at […]

The wheels have come off the Obama administration

Privacy advocates are understandably outraged over yesterday’s revelations of widespread spying on Americans by the Obama administration. Coming on top of last month’s allegations of spying on AP reporters, IRS […]