Good point!

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      1. And, maybe I should have just clicked ‘like’ and moved on instead of reading your post like I think most people may do.
        If you click me then I’ll click you! It’s the quantity not the quality you see!

      2. With the government shutdown ongoing, I thought the reference to Trump’s wall was obvious. Who’s going to take a job with the federal government while it’s shut down?

      3. I do not base every on Worldview and Politics!

        I’m not for or against anything based on some elitist way of viewing everything!

        To me, it’s the facts baby, not the politics!

        It’s may only be obvious to people you agree with!

        And I’m to old to worry about every political battle that’s being waged endlessly day in day out!

        All in the name of ‘worldview and politics!’

        I guess I should not really read what people write.

        Just click away!

        You may have inspired a future post. Many of my recent posts have evolved this way!

        This can be fun sometimes except if your dealing with a diehard ‘elitist defeatist!’

      4. Oh, I don’t see everything through the lens of politics. In fact, I avoid the news as much as possible because it’s so dismal. But I have friends being personally affected by the shutdown, and my favorite place in the world, Rocky Mountain National Park, is being affected by it. These are facts. I can’t not think about the shutdown.

      5. I agree!

        It is a serious issue affecting all too many.

        But we use to have people that would seriously try to strike a compromise.

        But less today on any side!

      6. Compromise? What’s that? The people in Washington certainly don’t know. Are the Dems in the House now going to compromise with Republicans in the Senate in order to get something done? Not a chance. They’re going to be busy trying to stymie the Republicans because “that’s what the Republicans did to us.” Nobody wants to compromise and get something done; they all just want to get even.

      7. And ‘on and on’ it goes!

        That’s why I don’t follow the news? using the standard media’s!

        I keep my head in my blog, listening to music, documentaries, playing Jazz, walking and trying to stay healthy in my ‘Mind, Body and Soul!’

    1. That’s what the shutdown is. Him throwing a tantrum. Trouble is, it’s affecting real people’s very real lives. Hundreds of federal employees have signed up for unemployment in Denver. Mortgage payments are coming due, etc. Life doesn’t stop, expenses don’t stop, just because an ignorant, immature individual is having a hissy fit over not getting his way. It’s immoral to be holding hundreds of thousands of innocent individuals hostage while a bunch of do-nothings in Washington … do nothing.

      As the cartoon points out, how the hell does Trump think he’s going to get his wall built if he won’t pay federal workers?

  1. I’m imagining a revision to the lyrics of the song from The Sound of Music called How do you solve a problem like MARIA?, except replace MARIA with THE PRESIDENT. Can you hear it?

  2. A “False Cartoon” and “False Video Clip”,
    Wish I had the wit that produced these two,falsies; hang on that used to mean something entirely different, if only I could think what.

  3. You said it up in a comment : when the Dems had the Senate and wouldn’t let bills pass through, everyone said “watch out, turn about is fair play – and you’ll get stuck with the same situation” And it has come to pass…..Arrrg!!!!! So tired of the posturing, photo ops – of both sides. (Great idea with the Sound of music song – shall we do a YouTube video?)
    Realistically, Bill’s gov. closure last 21 days (with employees getting unemployment and then regular pay also once it ended. It was a special deal for gov. employees ) When I was in DC, many of the workers were thrilled to have paid time off and time to hang out with friends or just stay home with family. The Christmas holidays add a different kink this time.
    If it goes long enough maybe everyone on all sides will start yelling at their representatives to do the jobs they were sent up there to do: find middle ground and actually compromise (you know – everybody loses something and is unhappy, but every side gets a little) And to stop wasting time on floozies, demonizing the other side, and showboating.Resign and get a job on broadway if you want applause and attention.
    Like people never had to work with someone they absolutely hated but needs to cooperate with in order to get an important/critical task done….or maybe that’s an old fashioned, out of date skill?
    Great post – ugh situation

    1. It’s one thing to be intransigent within your ow nfamily or company. Or between two companies. But intransigence among elected officials who are supposed to be representing the best interests of their constituents is abhorrent and unconscionable. They are holding hostage hundred of thousands of everyday working Americans who have absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on in Washington. I have nothing but contempt for those officials who would stoop so low as to cut off the livelihoods of of the very people who elected them.

      1. I can’t help but notice the reluctance here to avoid attaching blame to the shutdown. Why? This is all on Trump who is having a tantrum over a poorly thought-out campaign promise. He even admitted it publicly! Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are doing their job by refusing to waste taxpayers’ billions on a project that will only boost the stocks of ladder companies and tunneling machines. And think of the image. Lady Liberty weeps!

        Also, another thought: think of the precedent this would set if Democrats cave. Future government shutdowns would become even more common.

      2. Oh, absolutely it’s all on Trump. I thought that was obivious. I did wander a bit discussing compromise in general, but with apologies to all those who’ve been furloughed, I wouldn’t cut Trump any slack on this. Haven’t the Dems already proposed some plan that gives him a billion or so? Not what he wants, but he’s lucky to be offered anything at all. He wants all the credit for the wall; he can have all the blame too. And yes, it would be horrible precedent. He’s already gotten away with more than I think any president should, and a spineless Congress has let him.

      3. Bill introduced to make sure congressmen do not get paid either – FINALLY! (Written by a Dem and a Rep:
        Stick them all in a room like they do when electing a pope and lock that door.
        This darn immigration reform/legal work visa system/E-verify system/DACA has been kicked down the road since Reagan – promises, promises vote after vote after politicians’ promises.
        Fix it now – then open up and get back to work…like ordinary people have to – those not millionaires paid for by taxpayers.
        We the peopler fed up

      4. Beautiful! Two sensible people working together to address the situation. And after all, those in Congress are federal employees and have amply demonstrated that they are non-essential. Why should they be exempt from laws, rules, or chaos they create? They should understand that anything they do to or for Americans applies to them just like everyone else.

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