Surprise! Blago says he did nothing wrong


Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich just appeared before reporters to announce his innocence of all charges of corruption and conspiracy. Time will tell, but he made it clear he is not going to step down from his post.

There were no surprises in his remarks so my attention wandered to his body language and demeanor. He appeared to be somewhat breathless, perhaps from nervousness or agitation. A network crawl cut off the bottom of the screen, but it seemed  he was constantly shifting his weight from one foot to the other and rarely let go of the lectern, holding it with one or sometimes both hands. He licked his lips several times as he spoke.

If I remember correctly, all these things indicate possible lying. On the other hand, they could just mean he was running late and had to rush to the stage, was bouncing on the balls of his feet like an eager fighter in the ring, and had chapped lips from jogging in the Chicago cold.

No doubt some body language “expert” will analyze Blago’s presentation and explain to all of us what his movements and attitude revealed.

Aside from that, the news is what everyone expected: the governor has no intention of resigning and remains innocent until proven guilty in court. The Illinois legislature must now move forward with its impeachment proceedings against him.

2 thoughts on “Surprise! Blago says he did nothing wrong

  1. I figured that POS was going to stick. You could just tell, he’s really clinging to these last few minutes of fame….

    Wasn’t 15 minutes enough? He needs to GO AWAY!
    Truly despicable. I’m still hoping to see him with a prison haircut (assuming he’s guilty, of course). And the sooner the better.

  2. Ya, it would be nice if someone “caught” like that would be honest in a press conference for once. :-/

    Oh, and I can’t stand his hair. Who is his PR agent and why do they let him go out in public with that haircut?!
    I guess nobody has the cajones to tell the gov to change his hairstyle. Or maybe his wife likes it and he can’t stand up to her. I mean, would you make that woman angry if you had to live with her!!??

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