Is privacy dead?

6 thoughts on “Is privacy dead?”

  1. Yep. One has been calling me for a few months now. It’s not a debt thing, more a fight with a hospital. The doctor their miscoded a blood test, my insurance wouldn’t cover it, I told the hospital and the doctor eleventy billion times that they needed to resubmit it with the correct coding, and on and on it goes. So, now I keep getting messages assuring me “this is not a solicitation” and encouraging me to call back with a reference number. As if.

    [You’d think they’d be in a hurry to correct the code, resubmit the claim, and get their money. Yeah. You’d think.]

  2. Agreed – this is so ridiculous. What I also hate is how so many salespeople now use Caller ID Spoofing to hide their number or show the wrong one. Ugh.

    [During the Christmas shopping season, I started getting robocalls from Lane Bryant saying they were having a sale. (I’ve never bought anything from them.) To me that’s a new and very unwelcome kind of marketing.]

  3. Nothing worse than that! Being woken by some ass clown that isn’t even looking for you to begin with! GAR!

    [Waking me up is something no one in their right mind wants to do.]

  4. “Okay, someone was resourceful enough to somehow find my phone number linked somewhere to those relatives.”

    Or maybe some relatives of yours have been giving their creditors your phone number. Can’t trust anyone these days.

    [Ooo, I never thought of that. Hmm. Nah, they wouldn’t … would they? Hmm.]

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