About those sidebar calendars

Here’s a quick question for bloggers and blog readers. Do you ever use or refer to the calendars posted on many WordPress blogs? Do you use them to remind yourself what day it is, or to see what posts, if any, appeared on a specific date? Did you even know that clicking on highlighted dates brings up that day’s post(s)?

Just curious. I sometimes put a calendar in my sidebar, thinking people might use it to click through to posts on a certain day. Then I take it down, as I’m doing today, because it adds clutter and probably nobody ever uses it anyway. And I never use the calendar on other blogs.


One thought on “About those sidebar calendars

  1. No. However I’m looking for a widget that will import my Google calendar to display on my blog. Google Calendar is great because you can share it with the public, to let readers know what your upcoming plans are, and if they want to coordinate. The Calendar function of WordPress is strictly for archiving, not for planning.

    [That Google Calendar sounds like the perfect tool to help you coordinate all your outdoor activities with others who might join you. ]

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