Rules are rules, A-Rod

New York Yankee Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez was caught using steroids. Gasp! Him and a lot of other players. Last week at a press conference he admitted his guilt and apologized. Big whoop. He’s only sorry he got caught, not sorry he used steroids. And you can bet he wouldn’t have stepped up and apologized if he hadn’t gotten caught.

I’m amazed there’s any discussion at all about whether he should be allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I don’t care how many records he set. I don’t care how many other players were using steroids. Rules are rules. The rules say “no steroids.” The rules apply to everyone. If you break the rules and get caught, you don’t go to the Hall of Fame, period. End of discussion.

3 thoughts on “Rules are rules, A-Rod

  1. PP?
    How do I love thee?
    let me count the ways . . .
    Couldn’t agree with you more on this.
    Aside from the fact that ARod is a pretentious douchebag . . .
    He got bagged. Wait until the list comes out.
    The Red Sox are far from safe.
    Good call on this post.

    ps. finally updated my blogroll. Sorry it took so long.

    [Hey, good to see you! NP with the blogroll. I’m not exactly a regular over at your place.]

  2. Now poor Madonna is worried that people will think she uses too *boo-‘effn’-hoo ya wack job*

    Anyway, back to your opinion, I wholeheartedly agree- he’s just sorry he got caught….. poor baby! NO HALL OF FAME FOR YOU!

    [Madonna has no reputation left to worry about.]

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