Rules are rules, A-Rod

3 thoughts on “Rules are rules, A-Rod”

  1. PP?
    How do I love thee?
    let me count the ways . . .
    Couldn’t agree with you more on this.
    Aside from the fact that ARod is a pretentious douchebag . . .
    He got bagged. Wait until the list comes out.
    The Red Sox are far from safe.
    Good call on this post.

    ps. finally updated my blogroll. Sorry it took so long.

    [Hey, good to see you! NP with the blogroll. I’m not exactly a regular over at your place.]

  2. Now poor Madonna is worried that people will think she uses too *boo-‘effn’-hoo ya wack job*

    Anyway, back to your opinion, I wholeheartedly agree- he’s just sorry he got caught….. poor baby! NO HALL OF FAME FOR YOU!

    [Madonna has no reputation left to worry about.]

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