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Israelis plan yet another West Bank settlement


Gaza and West Bank settlements, 2007. Click for larger image.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports today that Israelis are preparing to establish yet another settlement in the West Bank. Plans call for the construction of some 2500 new homes.

Why the Israelis continue to build settlements in the West Bank, while at the same time complaining about attacks from angry Palestinians, is a mystery. The world considers those Israeli settlements to be unlawful; they are built on land the Israelis overran in the 1967 Six-Day War.

The West Bank is Arab/Palestinian land, destined to be part of a new Palestinian state someday under the “two-state solution” once agreed to in principal. Israeli settlements in the West Bank are nothing more than a provocative, ongoing, unlawful land grab. So, too, is the Israeli-built wall that, in places, extends well past Israel’s border and into the West Bank.

Professing to want peace while maintaining and continuing to build settlements in the West Bank is ridiculous, and Israel knows it. There will be no peace in the region until Israel returns to its pre-1967 borders.

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  1. Ludicrous, isn’t it? But you know, you’re sooooo anti-Semitic for pointing this injustice out.

    [Yeah, I know. I keep expecting to get flamed for it, but I guess I’m just too insignificant. I can’t even get a good conversation going. Maybe I should try a more inflammatory head next time — “War-mongering Jews steal more land” or something.]


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