About those octuplets …

2 thoughts on “About those octuplets …”

  1. Anything for a buck? I think she’s banking on it. It’s a very sad story to me. Breaks my heart. People have trouble with twins, or triplets… how and the ‘eff does anyone handle 8 babies at one time??? Plus the 6 younger ones she already has? Makes my head spin. It’s still spinning here….

    [She was already getting public assistance for the first six. I’m sure she did the math on how much she could get for eight more, not to mention cashing in on all the freebies that mothers of multiples so often get. Even made enough to get her lips done. I think it’s funny/sad that she actually hired two publicists after the octuplets were born — and they quit on her. Stay tuned for more paid interviews, a book deal, and any lawsuit her lawyers can dream up for her — malpractice, libel, slander, defamation of character, public ridicule.]

  2. I don’t think this is going to work out for her as great as she thought it would. Which really is sad because the ones that will suffer are those poor children. They didn’t ask for this………..

    [One of my childhood friends had 12 siblings. But they also had a mom who was home all day and a dad with a good steady job. Not the same situation at all, though even then I thought having that many kids on purpose was ridiculous. Seems to me you have to consider whether you can properly provide for all those kids, not just how many you can produce.]

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