Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami — nice guy


Iran’s Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami, at Friday “prayers” in Tehran, showed the sort of mentality the Iranian protesters are up against.

He called for the arrest and punishment of protesters, treating them “strongly and with cruelty” according to some sources, or executing them, according to other sources. None of that silly “let the punishment fit the crime” nonsense. They march in the streets, shout, carry signs, throw a few stones after being attacked by police. Execute ’em! Cruelly!

And of course, he added to the growing number of Iranian leaders accusing the U.S. of somehow engineering and/or aiding the protests. All that does is show that Pres. Obama has been right to be cautious and not add fuel to the fire.

But Khatami may have gone too far when he claimed the protesters themselves killed Neda Agha-Soltan to give themselves a martyr and win international sympathy. I’ve got a hunch that isn’t going to sit too well with the opposition or the rest of the world.

One thought on “Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami — nice guy

  1. Hi thanks for comment
    and about your post : i didn’t know outside of Iran someone may hear the nonsense of these mullahs . now they are digging their grave with these …
    before these events i hadn’t any political activities but now i won’t be silent in future and i have already started . i am sure that i am not alone and there many other people like me who just become more decisive by these nonsenses .
    thank you again for you sympathy .
    Yes, despite your government’s efforts, a great deal of news is getting out of Iran. The world knows what is happening there, and your mullahs should not think otherwise.

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