Month: August 2009

Huckabee is despicable

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a moderate Republican presidential candidate last year, has been running hard to the right ever since. He seemed like such a nice, reasonable guy back then. He almost had me suckered, until I found out… Read More ›

Dog park follow-up

Annie and I went to the dog park again today, just before noon. As I expected, there were far fewer dogs — only four or five when we arrived. All the dogs were approximately Annie’s size and only approached her… Read More ›

Do it right the first time

I’ve been watching the Sunday morning talk shows, and naturally health care reform is the favorite topic. Ideas swirling today: Doctor Shortage On Andersen Cooper, they got around to the shortage of primary care physicians. Sanjay Gupta noted that even… Read More ›