Do it right the first time

6 thoughts on “Do it right the first time”

  1. It’s a perfect storm and the time to reform health care is now! We will never be able to please everyone and we can’t afford to continue pleasing the few! There is no right or wrong and we should always
    be striving for continuous improvement.
    Certainly something needs to be done; I just want it to be the right thing, done in the right way.

  2. Thing is, during the campaign, he promised to address health care right away. If he didn’t make the attempt, it would be a HUGE broken promise to the people who voted for him.

    As for defensive medicine, it is alive and well and choking the crap out of health care in New York, as my recent “no HRT without a mammogram” experience will attest.
    Good point about the broken promise. Personally, though, I wasn’t looking so much for the fulfillment of promises as for an earnest effort at good, honest, thoughtful government. That alone would be “change” in my book. I decided long ago that campaign promises are for campaigns, not for the reality of Washington politics.

    (Yep, your doctor is some piece of work. If he’s really that concerned about getting sued, he should find another job.)

  3. I fear this is impossible. Medicine for profit is wrong on every level, and yet is so thoroughly entrenched that we cannot imagine what could replace it. We have nearly completely lost touch with what health really is and how we might achieve it. Our medical establishment mostly is concerned with repairing the damages caused by our toxic lifestyles and bad eating habits. 🙁
    Depressing, isn’t it?

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