McGriddles, cherries, and donuts

5 thoughts on “McGriddles, cherries, and donuts”

  1. Girl, I know what you are talking about. I am not the biggest fan of cherries, but they are tasty every once and a while. I’m sorry you cannot get them but LMAO when I read how you consoled yourself with donuts! Very cool! Wish I were there with you to dunk in a nice cuppa java and we could chat 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    A great donut can cure a world of ills!

  2. Yeah, the cherries this year were really great. I love them too. I wish I could stop re-running that Witches of Eastwick scene through my head while enjoying the lovely drupes.
    Fortunately, or unfortunately, I don’t remember that scene.

    1. “Have another cherry.” Heh!
      Okay, I found the scene on YouTube. Here’s hoping I either forget it by next summer or become a witch by then.

  3. This happened to me the other day at lunchtime.
    I had to have sweet and sour chicken for lunch. Had to.
    And I found it! Awesome.
    Might like my food blog if you haven’t been . . .
    Bing cherries?
    I’m with you there.
    My daughters could kill a 3lb bag in 10 minutes. 😉

    ps. did you finally get your McGriddle?
    That day, no McGriddle. I’ve missed them several other times for the same reason. It’s my fault for not being a morning person who gets out at a respectable hour. lol.

    Your wonderful food blog had me drooling the first day I visited it.

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