Huckabee is despicable

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a moderate Republican presidential candidate last year, has been running hard to the right ever since.

He seemed like such a nice, reasonable guy back then. He almost had me suckered, until I found out he was a creationist. Anyone who believes that is an immediate no-go with me.

Now he’s being hammered, and rightfully so, for claiming that Obamacare would have sent Ted Kennedy home with no more treatment than a pain pill and a kind word.

If the man wants to be an idiot on his own time, in his private life, fine. But for him to spout stupid distortions of the truth, leveraging his high profile to give them credence, is despicable — and decidedly un-Christian.

Huckabee demeaned himself, his party, and his religion in one fell swoop. Nice goin’, Mike.

One thought on “Huckabee is despicable

  1. Augh! Yeah. No. Yuck.
    Oh yeah, yuck. Did I not say yuck? Yuck!
    (“yuck” looks weird in italics. The y doesn’t really fit with the u, or they aren’t on the same angle, or something.)

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