Call me Samuel

I’d been sawing logs for at least four hours when the phone rang. (You already know where this is going, right?)


Rolling over, I reached sleepily for the phone. At the same time I saw the clock — 6:01 am!

Instantly I was fully awake and genuinely alarmed. Only family would call at that hour, and only because something really bad had happened.

Then I saw the Caller ID. “Florida 727-548-0501” I don’t know anyone in Florida or anyone with that number. Slam!

“I have had it with these m—f—in’ calls on this m—f—in’ phone!!”

Seriously, those were the exact words running through my head.

One too many movies last night, I guess. Wish I could send Sam after the idiots who make these calls. He knows how to deal with snakes!

... and that's my two cents