Well, you can call me Ray

2 thoughts on “Well, you can call me Ray”

  1. Dr. Last Name. Even those I interview for articles. I do not presume the power to strip someone of a title or degree, or presume enough familiarity to be on a first-name basis. Often, the ones I interview say, “Please, call me First Name.” Even then, I have trouble choking that out.

    Then again, I’m the kind of person who uses honorifics with everyone until they say otherwise. That’s how my mama taught me to roll.
    When I’m in that awkward “choking” situation, I usually end up punting and avoiding the direct address altogether.

  2. I get rather chaffed at this myself. It’s Doctor Last-Name, not Doctor First-Name. It’s only Doctor First-Name if they’re on TV.

    Of course, I don’t have a doctor anyhow, but that’s only because I live in America and, hey, who can afford one?
    I don’t think I’d trust those stagestruck TV doctors to be keeping up with the world of medicine anyway, except maybe Sanjay Gupta who, to his credit, doesn’t go by “Dr. Sanjay.”

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