Health reform: Big Pharma escaping again

4 thoughts on “Health reform: Big Pharma escaping again”

  1. That is just one reason why I will not entertain thoughts of getting into pharmaceutical copywriting. Recruiters approach me at least once a month and I just won’t do it.
    Yep, I put a high price on my soul, too.

  2. You know, I’ve been pretty happy with my country’s progress over the 28-odd years I’ve been alive, for the most part. We seem to make at least minimal progress on the things that are important to me every year… Which, if slow, tedious, and frustrating, is, at the very least, still progress.
    Then I find out something like this, and suddenly I’m counting my options again;
    . . . I don’t want to leave my homeland… but wow.
    Hoo boy, if you’re disenchanted now, wait till you get to be my age!

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