Buh bye, Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs in 2007
Lou Dobbs, shown in 2007, announced Wednesday that he is leaving CNN.
Karen Bleier/Getty Images

Lou Dobbs quit CNN last night. Abruptly. Announced it on the air.

Really? Really.

His convoluted explanation about other opportunities sounded pretty lame to me, although admittedly I didn’t hear it directly from him. I’m guessing he was fired. And it should have happened a long time ago.

Two or three years ago, I was very much in agreement with his opinions on illegal immigration. I’d get wound up, he’d rant for an hour, and I’d feel ever so self-righteous and vindicated. Or maybe he ranted and I got wound up. It’s hard to pinpoint the origins of a mob mentality.

Eventually, though, I got really tired of listening to ol’ Johnny One-Note. I stopped seeing him as a well-informed, law-and-order guy and started seeing him as an angry, curmudgeonly old man who might even be getting a bit senile. You know the type; they keep repeating the same stories over and over, seemingly unaware that they’re doing it and that their audience quit listening long ago. Then there were the “tonsillitis” (read: new teeth) and “they’re shooting at me” debacles.

Buh bye, Lou. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

2 thoughts on “Buh bye, Lou Dobbs

  1. I gave Glen Beck similar benefit of the doubt when he was at CNN but only for a few seconds. I’m glad the network jettisons the blowhards. Now someone please get Robin Meade to stop falling for the balloon boy crap!
    I don’t know Robin Meade (never watch HLN’s airheads) but Beck makes me gag. Can’t imagine who’d hire Dobbs, unless maybe he got an offer from the Birthers or Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  2. I used to rather like Lou Dobbs myself, but, yeah, eventually it just ended up being nothing but endlessly bashing on the illegals. There was never anything new.
    I liked him too, for quite a while, but then he seemed to just go kind of nuts. Paranoid, irrational.

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